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features: Philip Headlam, Ensemble X, The Continuum Ensemble and Patricia Rozario (soprano)

1. DERVISH - for cello & piano - featuring Matthew Sharp (cello) and Dominic Harlan (piano)

2-6. Are You Worried About the Rising Cost of Funerals? featuring Patricia Rozario (soprano), David Le Page (violin), Kirsty Staines (violin II), David Aspin (viola), Joseph Spooner (cello), Philip Headlam (conductor).

7. Louis' Loops - for toy piano - featuring Margaret Leng Tan

8-11. Horseplay - for ensemble - featuring the Continuum Ensemble and Philip Headlam (conductor).

12. In Our Lifetime - featuring Mike Henry (baritone)

13. The Girl in My Alphabet - for two pianos - featuring Errollyn Wallen and Douglas Finch.

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listen - i wouldn't normally say
listen - off the map
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1. Daedalus

2. Beehive

3. I Wouldn’t Normally Say

4. London’s Burning

5. Off The Map

6. North

7. Lines

8. Hudson, Mississippi, Thames

9. My Feet May Take a Little While

10. Louis’ Loops

11. Favourite Things

12. Of Crumpling Rocks

13. Jesus On A Train

14. Greenwich Variations

15. About Here

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listen - guru
listen - what's up doc?
listen - happy and new
features Errollyn Wallen and many of her musical friends. Very different from The Girl In My Alphabet (which offers up Wallen's classical side), Harold Moores is a little closer to jazz and pop but, as always with Wallen's music, prepare to expect the unexpected. Featured performers include Courtney Pine and Byron Wallen.

1. What's up Doc?

2. Guru

3. What Shall I Sing?

4. Meet Me at Harold Moores

5. Rain

6. Happy and New

7. The Lighthouse

8. Don't Panic

9. Bridge of Sighs

10. Jordan Town

11. Psalm

12. Hurricane of Love

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features: Brodsky Quartet, Richard Rodney Bennett, Elvis Costello (Declan MacManus), Ian Shaw, Jacqui Dankworth, Kate Curtis, Emma Ludlow, Lars von Bjork

1. My Mood Swings
Composed by Elvis Costello, Cait O'Riordan

2. Until, song (for the film Kate & Leopold)
Composed by Sting

3. The Abyss
Composed by Kate Curtis with Jacqui Dankworth

4. Venus Flytrap
Composed by Various Composers with Ian Shaw

5. I've Seen It All
Composed by Bjork, Sjon, Lars von Trier

6. Shallow Footsteps
Composed by Emma Ludlow with Sophie Grimmer

7. Song ("My Head Swam")
Composed by Daniel Monk with Jacqui Dankworth

8. Gotham Lullaby, for voice & piano (from "Dolmen Music")
Composed by Meredith Monk with Meredith Monk

9. I Never Went Away
Composed by Richard Rodney Bennett

10. Swearing At The Moon
Composed by Arieh Miller with Ian Shaw

11. When Darkness Comes
Composed by Emma Tillyer

12. Dumptruck
Composed by Ron Sexsmith

13. Daedalus
Composed by and performed with Errollyn Wallen

14. Real Emotional Girl
Composed by Randy Newman

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Peace On Earth - Download Score Sample

features David Stout (Baritone), George Mosley (Baritone), Omar Ebrahim (Baritone), Richard Jackson (Baritone), Roderick Williams (Baritone), et al.

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Audio CD (6 April 2009)
Number of Discs: 4
Format: Box set
Label: NMC Records

reflections on the artist as creator and performer

About Errollyn: reflections on the artist as creator and performer is a collection of audio observations by Errollyn Wallen and sound engineer Gerry O’Riordan on specific imperatives and points within the recording process of Errollyn’s first solo album, Errollyn, that was released in 2005. Through this examination of specific material, she considers her practice, and wider concerns, as a composer. A new essay by Andrew Blake, ‘Making Errollyn: making Errollyn Wallen’ draws on inside knowledge about the closed-door activities of composer, performer, and sound recorder in the recording studio. Mark Goddard has designed accompanying text and image cards which underline specific extracts from the audio reflections. Together, the sound and text pinpoint audio clues within the original tracks, and the album as a whole, that highlight the delicate blending of choices that take place in the studio.

About Errollyn: reflections on the artist as creator and performer is now available by mail order from ResCen at a cost of £5 for postage & packing per order (please contact ResCen directly for orders over five copies).

ISBN 0955059119

About Errollyn: reflections on the artist as creator and performer is published by ResCen Publications

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Nine artists’ diaries
Edited by Paul Allen
Photographs by Hugo Glendinning

Bobby Baker, Shobana Jeyasingh, Joanna MacGregor, Lawrence Norfolk, Jo Shapcott, Shelagh Stephenson, Tim Supple, Errollyn Wallen, Richard Wentworth.

Nine artists, successful in different branches of the arts, each kept a diary over a period of a few months reflecting on their work in progress. The resulting narratives make an absorbing read and powerfully illuminate the process of making art. Music is improvised and composed, artworks conceived and displayed or performed, a novel is completed, poems are written, new plays evolve and old plays are reinterpreted. The diaries offer glimpses into the authors’ personal and professional lives and though each is distinctively different, all reveal that art is made in a practical matter-of-fact way.

Though often obsessed with their work, these contemporary artists do not live the cliché of Romantic torment, nor do they indulge in ‘self-expression’. Dreaming up ideas is relatively easy, realising them is harder. They break boundaries of language and art form and all work internationally. They are enquiring, adventurous, as interested in the telling detail as in the grand design, self-mocking, problem-solving, inventive, diverse, thoughtful, ambitious, open-minded, sexy, fun.

‘… a generous and radical book, with so much passion, angst and imagination seething between its covers … compulsory reading for anyone who cares about contemporary culture.’ Louisa Buck, The Art Newspaper

‘… surprisingly intimate access to the agonies and ecstasies of creative minds … it made me want to read the novel, hear the music, see the show.’ Robert Hewison, The Guardian

Paul Allen is best known as presenter of the Radio 4 arts magazine Kaleidoscope, and more recently of the Radio 3 cultural discussion programme Night Waves. He is also a playwright, who has written for radio and theatre. He is former chariman of the Arts Council Drama Panel and chairman of its New Writing Committee. He is vice-chairman of the Sheffield Theatres Trust and a member of Sheffield Galleries and Museums Trust. He holds an Honorary Doctorate of Sheffield Hallam University, and teaches dramaturgy at the University of Sheffield. His biography of Alan Ayckbourn was published by Methuen (2001).

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The creative process in contemporary performing arts

ResCen, Centre for Research into Creation in the Performing Arts is pleased to announce the publication of Navigating the Unknown: The creative process in contemporary performing arts, published by Middlesex University Press.

This unique publication offers a fascinating insight into the different kinds of processes that practitioners in the performing arts undertake in their creative work and considers the implications these processes have in the wider world.

Based on a five-year research programme supported by NESTA (National Endowment of Science, Technology and the Arts) this publication brings together internationally renowned performance makers in the fields of dance, performance, live art and music who share their creative processes.

Chapters take us through analyses, reflections and conversations which address key issues in the creative process: intuition, inspiration, working processes, refining and presenting to an audience. The points of reference are diverse, from Plato to Poohsticks. Experts from disciplines outside the performing arts reflect on these processes from their own perspective, showing us the potential of creative work to help us understand the world around us.

This publication is unique in its bringing together of academic research and the artist’s voice. Beautifully illustrated and imaginatively designed, it will be indispensable to those involved in performance studies and the performing arts. The book’s accessible style also makes Navigating the Unknown an outstanding addition to any performing arts enthusiast’s book collection.

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Ed by Judith Palmer
Pub Serpent's Tail 2004 £14.99 ISBN 185242821X

Interviews with and essays by, a wide range of contemporary artists - across all art forms. "And they said you’d never make it… celebrating Britain’s top artists". There are moving personal stories and humorous observations that confound many of the received myths about the life of the artist, and show shared patterns of experience and outlook across disciplines and generations.

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Music for the Opening Ceremony
of the London 2012 Paralympic Games

Errollyn's forthcoming book Becoming a Composer will be published Faber by November 2nd

Musical Masterpieces is a new 3 part series for Sky Arts presented by Myleene Klass and Errollyn Wallen ( Sep 25; Oct 2; Oct 9 at 8pm)
Errollyn Wallen gives a rare solo performance of her internationally acclaimed songs — her Wigmore Hall debut as a performer.

After the concert Errollyn will sign copies of her forthcoming book Becoming a Composer.

The concert starts at 1pm and lasts an hour.
The report, carried out by online classical music magazine Bachtrack, is based on 27,124 listings for performances of living composers, which took place in 2022.
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